Recent Graphic Art (Just Because)


Graphic artist


Typically my freelance graphic work began with a meeting with the Creative Director where I would receive a seasonal brief and inspirational trend or mood boards. From this introductory meeting. I would create many sketches and quick designs inspired by the direction given.

However, if the client only had a vague idea of what they were looking for, I would create my own trend boards and art direction based on this.

First I brainstormed design ideas, created thumbnail sketches, and researched more related inspiration based on imagery from other apparel, photographs, nature, and more. Afterwards, I chose fonts, created illustrations or painted designs, assembled my photographs, inspiration, and other elements. I then created graphics based on my thumbnail sketches with these elements.

As a graphic designer with product development experience, I would also be asked for assistance with development in which case I created multiple color ways for each design, and included technical packages with design specs and printing techniques.

The following are a selection of my most recent graphics:

Recent Work (2016-2017)