Lucky Wok Responsive Website


A local Bonsall, San Diego restaurant desperately needed a website update. It had not been updated since it was originally designed several years before. For this website design class assignment, I changed the name “Peking Wok” to “Lucky Wok”.

Role Website Designer and Developer
From concept to coding, including demographic research, competitive analysis, wireframes, comps, visual design, branding design, and all coding

Tools Photoshop, Illustrator, Sublime Text: HTML, CSS, and Javascript/jQuery

Problem Lucky Wok’s website required a redesign to reflect a more fresh and modern style. The existing site was not responsive, navigation varied from page to page, the style was outdated and included word clipart.

Solution Create a responsive website design with an updated, modern style based on competitive analysis and desired customer demographics.



• Content Evaluation
• Competitive Analysis
• Demographic Research

My research included an evaluation of the site’s visual design and functionality and an analysis of competitive and comparable restaurant websites’ design and features. The restaurant is mainly frequented by locals, so an investigation into the neighborhood’s demographics was also important.


• Sitemap
• Wireframes
• Visual Design Branding
• Comps

I began creating the designs by mapping out the sitemap based my research. I then sketched and created simple wireframes of the mobile, tablet, and desktop layouts. Next, I mocked up a few visual design style tiles. After presenting the wireframes and style tiles and receiving feedback, I proceeded with mocking up the full comps for all three screen sizes.

• Javascript/jQuery

Finally, I coded the website using Sublime Text! Experimentation with jQuery led to some fun and unexpected visuals that I ended up keeping in the code.


The website owner really liked the new designs, she had been working on a WordPress update for the site for a while and wanted the option to be able to make daily changes to the website on her own. Though she didn’t end up using the designs. I still really enjoyed coding this responsive site!