AMEE – Smart Parking System


Interaction Designer – 1/4 of a group project
From concept to design, including user research and interviews, prototyping, usability testing, interaction design, visual/logo design, copywriting, and product research

Photoshop, Figma, Google Slides, Illustrator


Parking in Los Angeles is not an easy task. What do people in neighborhoods like Miracle Mile do when their apartment doesn’t come with parking and they live in one of the hardest areas of LA to find parking?

Major Reseach Insights:

  1. A huge influx of visitors, workers, and tourists during the day flood residential streets. “People stay all day, ignoring the restrictions.” -Interviewee 1
  2. The area is packed with 15,000 residents per square mile; among the highest densities for Los Angeles.
    “Congestion is high even by LA standards” -Interviewee 3
  3. Local business parking infrastructure is often closed outside business hours. “We have parking spots, but no-one is there at night!” -Interviewee 2
  4.  “The parking situation in our neighborhood creates stress for my family and friction between our neighbors.” -Interviewee 1

So if residents don’t have enough parking and businesses don’t use their parking infrastructure outside business hours. How might we bring these two together?


A smart parking system for vehicles which integrates the IoT of mobile devices, in-vehicle systems, hardware sensors, and existing parking infrastructure to solve the parking issue in Miracle Mile.



Our process began with musings around LA’s Miracle Mile.

Initial Research Presentation

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Final Presentation of AMEE smart parking system

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