Online Entertainment

Everyone knows about Netflix, Hulu, and Disney streaming services, but how about trying something a little different to entertain you and yours while safe at home. Try watching Opera for the first time or playing games with family remotely.

🎭 Broadway

Albeit confusing, here’s a list of Broadway musicals that you can stream online.

🎶 Opera: The Met

Now streaming nightly recordings of performances at the Met. The subtitles are super handy! If you have ever listened to opera, or have ever wanted to, The Met is a great place to start.


There are so many things to watch on PBS that you probably didn’t even realize. I have a monthly membership, which I think is only $5. But there are a lot of free videos available online and through their streaming apps. Shows include all kinds of musical performances, documentaries about every National Park, Nova, Nature, every awesome BBC show, PBS Newshour, Broadway related shows, and much, much more!

🖥 Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube

There’s too much being streamed for free right now on these platforms to even list them all. More is announced daily but you have to be following your favorite artists and brands to hear about them. Bedroom concerts, At-Home news coverage, Zoom talks and classes, and more.


I’m in a long-distance relationship and the only way to play cards online that we’ve found was on FB. Please share anything you’ve found!

♣️ Facebook instant games
Challenge FB friends to play against you online!

🃏Cards Against Humanity – Available Online!
Play with your friends online by sharing the provided link

🅿 Words with Friends
Remember this one? Challenge friends to Scrabble online, where everyone cheated by just sticking in tiles and hoping it was a word.

💯 UNO is now available online

🃏Jackbox Games

♣️ The Guardian list of online video games
I haven’t read the article or clicked the links- let me know if you play any!

♟ More online games
I’ve not tried out this site, so I don’t know how you can challenge your friends online, but it says you can! There are lots of games listed, from Classic games including Hearts, Cribbage, and Chess, to a bunch of others I’ve never heard of.