Online Education

Never stop learning! Here are free online education pages, learning sites, and lesson plans available for kids and adults

📖 Ted Ed’s animated educational lessons 

📖 Blog lessons and free lesson plans


There are lots of free videos available online about history, science, nature, arts and crafts and more. But a subscription is only $5/month ish? 

They’ve also published this new page:

🖥 Educational resources from Google

Google education resources 

🖥 YouTube Learning

Videos for learning on YouTube

🏛 Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

Connects is now offering new opportunities to explore natural and cultural wonders safely from home.

🪐 Nasa Educational resources

🏫 Harvard

Free and fee-based online courses open to anyone 


Learn new languages for free! 


Lynda is free with a library card! If you have a library card already, find your local library’s website and see what kind of resources are available online!


“Explore your creativity. Join Skillshare to watch, play, learn, make, and discover.” 


“Learn from leading universities and companies. Start streaming on-demand video lectures today from top instructors in subjects like business, computer science, data science, language learning, & more.”


“Top companies choose Udemy for Business to build in-demand career skills”

🏫 Free Code Camp

“Here are 450 Ivy League courses you can take online right now for free” 

📱Overdrive app

“Read, Listen, Watch, Enjoy. One app, thousands of eBooks, audiobooks, and videos from your local library.” 

UX/UI Design Courses

I’m a Product Designer, which includes UX/UI Design and UX Research. Quite a few friends have reached out to me to ask about transitioning into a UX Design career. Here are some free online courses to help those interested learn about User Experience (UX) Design and also User Interface (UI) Design.


“User Experience & UI tools are one of the best skills you can get nowadays. UX experts are among most wanted people in the industry with salaries skyrocketing to beat front-end professionals.”

Flatiron School

“Learn the difference between user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design — and which one is right for you — with our free online UX/UI design introductory course. This entry-level overview will explore the details and future of UX/UI design, and the role of design in today’s industries. It will also help you decide whether to study UX or UI design, based on your interests and career goals.”


“Learn how to design and develop software for international use from experts who’ve helped create some of the world’s most successful software.”

Plural Sight

“#FREEapril – Stay home. Skill up. Build in-demand tech skills without leaving your house. Get free access to 7,000+ expert-led video courses and more all month long.”

📲 Coding Specific Courses

Packt Pub – One Free Course

More to come!