Free Resources for Staying Home

Are you staying safer at home, working remotely, home-schooling, and/or just looking for an alternative to binge-watching TV?

I’ve put together a list of free online resources to hopefully make life at home a little easier. Links include online educational resources for adults and kids, virtual tours of international locations, live cams of nature and wild animals, mindfulness meditation resources, video conferencing and remote work tools, some games and more! I’ll continue to update this list.

Please contact me with any questions, link issues, or other resources.

📖 Education Resources Online

Learn a new skill while in quarantine! Click the link for free online learning sites, and lesson plans for teachers, and online education for kids and adults.

🧭 Explore the Globe, Virtually

Explore the world’s most famous museums, landmarks, and national parks without leaving your home.

📹 See the World thru Live Cams

Watch wild animals and  famous places around the world in real-time from your couch- includes baby goats, puppies, and kittens. Some of my favorites: the Otters in Monterey and Pandas in China via

🖥 Video Conference Tools

A great way to socialize remotely with a group of friends and family is to video chat with them all at once. Try these video conferencing apps for remote work meetings and/or virtual happy hours.

👩🏻‍💻 Work-From-Home Resources

Are you attempting to navigate the world of remote work? I’ve dug up a few articles on how-to work-from-home. So you know, most have been written by people in the tech industry, as it’s standard protocol for them.

🧘🏻‍♀️Mental Health + Mindfulness Meditation

Are you feeling anxiety from these uncertain times? Many mental health resources have been popping up in response to the pandemic. Now is definitely a great time to learn how to be present and lessen future anxiety. My recommendation – try mindfulness meditation for just 5 minutes a day.

🃏Online Entertainment

Everyone knows about Netflix, Hulu, and Disney streaming services, but how about trying something a little different to entertain you and yours while safe at home. Try watching Opera for the first time or playing games with family remotely.

👨🏻‍⚕️ COVID-19 Data

NEW! Coronavirus-related data by the numbers. No opinions, political agendas, or conspiracies here (because let’s be honest, is that really useful in a time like this?) Basic facts and medical information from experts.


AIGA Los Angeles Resources to share

Apartment Therapy’s Virtual Things To Do At Home List

💵 Financial Help For Freelancers And Independent Contractors Affected By The Coronavirus Crisis

📋 Civic tech list of Covid-19 resources and offers

📋 Comprehensive list of resources for Los Angeles residents

💻 Onward CA

  • “Have you lost your job? One-stop resource for the people of California impacted by job loss during the COVID-19 Pandemic”

📋 Pand-Aid

  • “RESOURCES TO HELP THE PANDEMIC STING A BIT LESS We are harvesting resources from around the internet to help with keeping your little ones educated and busy, making remote coworking better, and give you awesome ways to inject life into this more difficult time while we are stuck at home.”

Designit’s At Home Guide from Cooper


Stay at home, stay safe and healthy! ♥️

All the best,