eharmony Blog Design Explorations

The Love & Harmony advice site, blog site, and success stories were all posted on separate websites. The blog site had not been updated in a very long time and the advice site needed to be updated. I was tasked with merging all three websites’ content and improve the design.

My Role 
UX designer

Pen & Paper, Sketch

eharmony’s Love & Harmony advice page, blog, and success stories were scattered on three separate web pages

Merge all pages and subpages into one advice website

Project Goals

  • Merge the blog and success story pages into the Love & Harmony website
  • Improve information architecture of the Love & Harmony site to optimize discoverability of content
  • Increase the number of return and new readers to the advice site, bringing more potential subscribers to eharmony’s products
  • Improve visual design and consistency with the marketing redesign



  • Discussions with the content and creative director to establish requirements and needs
  • Heuristic and content evaluation of existing advice site, blog, and success story web pages
  • Research SEO and site traffic optimization
  • Competitive analysis of information architecture and design of advice sites
  • News and blog website design heuristic analysis
  • Research of existing site templates for potential use in development
advice sites screenshot
competitive IA analysis
Advice Site-Main Navigation Analysis
News and Blog sites
News Sites Heuristic Analysis


• Information Architecture update according to competitive analysis

Main navigation recommended updates
Update: Main Nav IA
  • Wireframe sketches and designed in Sketch
  • Created visual elements consistent with new marketing designs
  • Low Fidelity Mock-ups in Sketch

Mobile Web & Desktop High-Res Wireframes


The redesign updates and suggestions were well received but put on hold as other projects were prioritized.